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Commonly Asked Questions

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How can I schedule an appointment?

All appointments are seen on a walk-in basis. You must arrive to check-in at least 60 minutes prior to closing to be seen for veterinary services.

When do we begin vaccinations for dogs at cats?

We begin vaccinations for dogs at 6 weeks of age and cats starting at 9 weeks of age.

Do we provide same-day surgical procedures?

Yes, Monday thru Friday we offer same day service.  Your pet must be fasted, no food or water starting at midnight and if you arrive before 8am.

Do we have any other locations?

No. We only work in one location. We are located at 5488 Mission Blvd, Riverside CA 92509.

What type of surgeries do we perform?

We offer a vast array of surgical procedures. Please refer to our 'Services' page or call during business hours for more information.

Do we offer payment plans or accept Care Credit?

We do not offer any payment plans or accept Care Credit unfortunately. All surgeries and services must be paid for before they are perfromed.

Do we perform ear cropping or declaw procedures?

Yes we do. Please call our office during business hours for more information.  When you call have your pets date of birth and vaccination information.

Do we treat exotic animals or livestock?

No. We only treat dogs and cats.

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