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Basset Hound Check-Up

Wellness Exams

Wellness exams are available regardless of your pet's age. If your pet is under 6 months of age, allow us to suggest that you bring in a stool sample, in case we need to check for intestinal parasites.

At the Vet

Pet Neutering / Spaying (How to Prevent Your Pet From Reproducing)

Spaying and neutering is offered Monday through Saturday. Please arrive before 10am and do not allow your pet to eat or drink after midnight the day before. Surgical Prices will not be given by telephone, they require a basic examination of your pet. Quotes for sterilization will be given at no charge.

Cute Puppy

Vaccinations and Micro-chipping

We offer vaccines and micro-chipping Monday through Saturday. A licensed Registered Veterinary Technician will perform a basic wellness exam prior to vaccination. We charge only for the vaccines and/or microchip, there is no office visit charged for these services, unless consultation by a veterinarian is needed.

Eating Puppy

Travel Papers

Please check with your destination authorities for requirements and call during business hours with any questions.

Visit to the Vet

Surgical Procedures

Our veterinarians perform a vast array of surgical procedures. If you believe your pet is in need of surgical intervention, please bring them in for an exam and we can discuss the options which we have available for you and your pet. Provided that your pet is fasted, some procedures can be performed same-day. If we are unable to perform a procedure at our hospital, we are happy to refer you to a clinic that can assist you. Due to the wide variation that can occur in procedures, we are unable to provide surgical pricing over the phone. If you are seeking a second opinion, please bring records and test copies from the other clinics which have seen your pet.

Puppy in Red Cushion

Reproductive Services

We offer a variety of reproductive services for both male and females.

For females, we offer same day progesterone testing to help you achieve pregnancy and reverse progesterone testing to help determine when to expect a litter or have a C-section performed. We can perform vaginal insemination, Trans-Cervical Insemination (TCI) and Surgical implantation of semen to help achieve pregnancy. Ultrasounds and X-rays can also be performed to confirm success. Additionally, we can help you prepare your female for breeding with routine and OFA testing.

For males, we offer semen collection, semen evaluation, frozen semen storage and shipping as well as chilled semen preparation and shipping.

Please call our office for any further questions.


End of Life Services

We offer compassionate and caring services for your pet. Please call our office during business hours for further information.

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